Dubstep Massive Presets and Patches

Dubstep Massive Presets Professional can take you from just playing around in your bedroom all the way to the real thing faster than you could have ever imaged. We've got a full set of professional grade sounds that people just cant get enough of! First load up yourself a spacey breakbeat, create a nice little melody, and then fire up massive and drop in some of that dirty intense bass that makes the crowd dance like crazy and scream for more... pretty simple right? Well only if you've got the right tools!

Whats the difference between you and the guys on stage in front of thousands??

Well for starters, they've been at it a while now and have spent countless hours tweaking bass sounds in order to find just the right frequencies that that really tickle your eardrum and rattle your cage. They undoubtedly have gained a lot of knowledge in the world of synths and sound mixing, but in the end they use a lot of the same signature sounds over and over again, because they work!

What if you could get your hands on all of the countless hours these guys have put in creating these sounds, you think you could sound like a bad ass too? Of coarse... the secret is that its actually pretty simple. As with anything you gotta have the love and patience to follow through and produce a quality finished product, but with a little persistence and the right tools you too can rock the house like the rest. The professionals of coarse don't want you to know their secrets, but now in days with computers providing the power for anyone at home to have a full blown studio with nothing more than a program like ableton live and massive and a few good presets, there really is no difference between what they have and what you do. The missing link is the right instruments and sound, or in the case of electronic music THE RIGHT PRESETS!

Whether you are trying to make music that sounds like Skrillex, Rusko, Bass Nectar, or any of the other big names in the game, or maybe just trying to impress your friends and have some fun, you can't do it without studying sound design for countless hours... or at least not until someone who has already put in the time comes along and provides all those little secrets in a nice easy to download and easy to setup package. Not only can you jump right into the game with bass to melt your face, but you can pick through each of the sounds and learn exactly what went into the creation of that particular feel, making and saving unique adjustments to define your own unique style.

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Required Software

If you do not have Native Instruments "massive" plugin software... I strongly reccommend scooping up the Native Instruments "Komplete" bundle! Not only does it contain the latest and greatest massive synth, it also includes very valuable effects and instruments such as "battery" which will give you those hard hitting drum sounds you need to get the hearts pumping.

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